Echo - Nana Malone


By Nana Malone

  • Release Date: 2017-03-21
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 13 Ratings


Money, power, prestige…freedom. Echo Coulter is—The Player.

You are a Coulter. You will be perfect. That’s what Echo has been told every day of her life. As the only girl in the Coulter clan, she knows it’s her job to be the glue of the family. But with the Olympics looming, the last thing she wants is to follow the rules. She wants to break free, and she knows just the guy to help her.

Cole Atkins has no interest in spoiled little rich girls. Besides, he’s got the job of a lifetime and just met the girl of his dreams…That is, until she ditches him under the cover of darkness. He can put her out of his head and deal with a spoiled princess for a couple of months, right? 


  • I was surprised ...

    By charlligirl
    I was surprised with this book. Echo has always been the good girl. She takes care of her brothers, does what is asked of her and never complains about any of it (except for maybe a little venting to Jen but that's what friends are for). She is finally going to realize her dream, but in a brief conversation that dream is shattered. Now part of that is her own fault for not standing up for herself, but the bulk of it is on her parents and gramps for assuming what her dreams were and not actually asking her. Echo is a ticking time bomb and she uses running to relieve some of her stress. Unfortunately, this last round of requests is too much for her to bear. Everyone expects Echo to do what is asked and they don't realize the weight on her shoulders; but Echo never tells them it's too much and her shoulders can only hold so much weight. I loved the explosion that happened at the party. It was a long time coming and no one should have been surprised, but they all were. Really, there's only so much one person can do. As much as I did not love Cole's attitude about rich people, I understood it. He pushed Echo to see where her breaking point was during training and was surprised. However, gramps and Julia just reinforced his opinion. I loved that Bryce went and talked to Cole after the explosion and explained that not all of them are like his preconceptions. I don't know what gramps' problem is or if he is just trying to live vicariously through the grandkids, but he needs to get over himself or he's going to alienate everyone he claims to love. And what could possibly by wrong with Brent?
  • Echo!!!

    By Mrsttho
    Nana has done it once again. I loved the first two books in the playoff series and this one does not disappoint either. There is love, lust, and of course a bit of drama. Echo wanted something different than what her family wanted for her. She was the only girl in a family of athletic boys. Which means, naturally, that she wants to be like her brothers, right? Wrong. Her dreams would lead her to an entirely different path which is a no no in the Coulter family. In walks her trainer, Cole, who is hot, and ready. She reluctantly does what he says, but as usual, gramps has to try to throw in a monkey wrench, especially when he realizes that Echo and Cole are involved.
  • Echo and Cole... pure GOLD

    By Adin419
    Been the perfect daughter is not always a good thing, especially when you start to loose who you are to be what everyone else wants you to be. So what happens when the pressure & the responsibilities forced on you make you crumble? The best solution is to have a liberating night that includes a casual encounter with a very sexy stranger and lots of passion. That one night stand will change both Echo and her stranger, Cole, making them reveal more than they intent of their lives and the immediate future. That night leave both with the desire of something more. But fate has it's own agenda & it is to bring them together again as the rich, spoiled brat that Cole has to train and for Echo the coach that despise her, even before they officially met. Working together won't be easy, but working with Gramps will be imposible. They met on a wild night, but a passion and pleasure for running will bring them closer in this story filled with family love, making something for yourself , and lots of sexy passion that leaps from the pages. Another great story that brings all the Coulter clan and their significant others back on a race for love and pure passion for the sport.
  • Echo and Cole

    By Trenease
    Definitely my favorite of the Player series so far. Talk about a meet cute. A one night stand turned working relationship. Awkward. But soooo hot to watch (read). And Cole standing up to Rory was easily my favorite thing! I've been waiting for that this whole series. Great read!
  • Loved Echo and Cole!!!

    By SeriouslyT
    I loved this book! Echo needed Cole in her life to see that there was so much more she could be doing for herself! She loves her family but they use and abuse her and she needed that extra boost of confidence and someone telling her it is ok to set your boundaries! They were a perfect match and what better than a forbidden romance!!!
  • An engrossing read

    By bbs59
    Echo Coutler is the only girl in an athletically gifted family. She has just discovered what she wants to do with her life when reality sets in and she is sucked into protecting the rest of the family from the reality of her father's illness. And to pay for her silence, her parents hire a coach to help her get to the Olympics. Cole Jackson is starting out with coaching track and field when he is hired by the Coulters to get their daughter into the Olympics. He is desperate to do well in this job to help his younger brother through school and make a name for himself. Just before the job starts he meets a hot woman with whom he has a connection, who then disappears from his life, only to reappear as his trainee! Life gets difficult, especially with the cantankerous Rory Couler, patriarch of the clan, who thinks no one is good enough and tries his best to direct Echo's life and get Cole out of it. An engrossing read, that will keep you turning the page until the end, and wishing for more!!!
  • Surprises from the beginning

    By nhelmo
    It seems that the more I learn about the Coulters, the more I love them. This book is centered on Dax's twin sister, Echo. I absolutely loved Echo. A girl coming into her own and learning how to be a woman. This book is reminiscent of the Stilettos series. If you loved that series, you will love this one