Dax - Nana Malone


By Nana Malone

  • Release Date: 2017-02-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 20 Ratings


Money, power, prestige…trouble. Dax Coulter is The Player.

Forget prodigal son, forget black sheep. Most of the Coulter family would just as soon disown Dax for his bad boy, womanizing ways. But, with his career in jeopardy and the Coulter legacy on the line, he needs to turn it all around. Too bad the one person who can help him, has legs for miles, curves for days…and is his best friend’s little sister. For once he can focus on the game and not on her body, right?

Asha Wix is used to following all the rules. And with a family like hers that isn’t easy. To succeed, she needs to eat, breathe, and sleep football. But when she’s given the chance to change the reputation of league bad boy, Dax Coulter, she sees a chance to shine. Too bad, the sexy bad boy has her thinking about breaking all the rules.


  • Passion for the game...

    By Adin419
    Been a legacy is never easy for anyone, it always means that people expect many things from you and that must of the time you have to live up to someone else reputation. But what happens when this legacy, this last name, or this family relationship weights so much that it eclipses all of your hard work, but must importantly it threathens to destroy who you are so you can become what others expect you to be. Dax is going to find out that all of that does not really matter if you have your heart in the right place. Coming from similar backgrounds Asha and Dax will descover that having a powerful and extremly well known last name, instead of creating exiting opportunities and open you doors, usually works against you and all you can accomplish means nothing. Together they will prove that no matter who you are or where you come from, loving what you do and been good at it is the must important thing of all, specially if you have someone that believes in you even when you don't. Asha and Dax will make people forget their last names and all the baggage that comes with it in this very sexy interesting story, full of passion and a deep desire for both the game and for each other.
  • Great read

    By singneon
    Enjoyed this addition to the series. Dax is insecure about being able to meet the expectation of his family name & the history of their successful sports careers. He's trying to be his own man, having a little "fun" is more important than maintaining the integrity of the family name. Asha is very independent, very smart and career-driven. Both try to resist the "forbidden" connection they have though. Dax & Asha make a great couple, both mature as they deal with their issues as a couple and discover what's more important to them regardless of family matters. It was great to hear from Bryce & Tammy, there's seems to be a mystery stirring about their father though.
  • Loved Dax and Asha!!

    By Froggy addict
    Loved the book in this Series!! Great chemistry between Dax and Asha!! A must read by Nana!!
  • Enjoyed this story!

    By Kim B.S.
    Really enjoyed Dax and Asha's story. Bad boy gone good for the right woman told in a way that kept you interested and entertained. Nana Malone consistently delivers characters that have the chemistry to make it a hot read, but also a back story that develops the characters and make you want the HEA for them both. Pick up this installment in her new series. Well worth it!
  • Dax and Asha

    By Trenease
    Great continuation in The Player series. I love that we get to catch up with Tami and Bryce while watching Dax fight his feelings, but eventually fall, for Asha. Not to spoil the fun but holy phone sex! Yaaaassss Nana. Cannot wait for the next one.
  • Love it! Love Dax!!!

    By SeriouslyT
    I really enjoyed this book, it mixed romance with football! What can be better?! I love a good forbidden romance. The chemistry between Dax and Asha was undeniable. Asha was a classic Nana Malone female character with lots of attitude and strength. I highly recommend this book!!!
  • Loving the Coulter family

    By nhelmo
    I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it. This book is a slight departure from the steamy reads you are used to from Nana Malone. This book allows you to get to know the character and cheer them on to the end. You want these characters to succeed. Asha and Dax take sexiness to a whole 'nother level while trying to stay away from each other. There are many elements in this book. The whole Coulter clan; Damon, Asha's brother and Dax's best friend; Asha's co-workers and the team all play an important role in this book. I don't know how she did it so well but she definitely succeeds in this mission. I have not read Bryce yet but I will hopefully before the next book in the series comes out. I also can't wait to hear more about the grandfather. Maybe we can convince Nana to give us a story about how he and his wife got together.
  • Good Football Romance

    By Coffee Mel
    I love a good sports romance and Nana Malone did not disappoint. This is book 2 in her "The Player" series. Dax Coulter is a newly drafted football player trying to make a name for himself and shed both his bad boy image and his family, especially his grandfather's sports legacy. Asha Wix is the daughter of a football legend and sister to a newly drafted great football playing brother who also happens to be Dax's best friend. Asha is also trying to make a name for herself and get out of the shadows of her dad and brother and so working in PR for the same team Dax is on seems like the perfect opportunity. When Dax and Asha are paired for a new PR initiative sparks fly between the two though they both try very hard to resist. Asha because she's by the book and wants to be taken seriously by keeping everything at work professional and Dax because Asha is his best friend's little sister. I loved reading about how these two, especially Asha, finally let loose and decided to be all in with their relationship. Short of a couple misunderstandings between these two, they both helped one another be seen as an individual to their families and ultimately succeed more than they thought they could. I really enjoyed this football romance and am looking forward to seeing which Coulter is up next in this series.
  • Loved it

    By VZ3580
    Dax and Asha come together in this story about the mis understood "black sheep" of the family and the good girl trying to stand on her own, a well written story