Ain't Doin' It - Lani Lynn Vale

Ain't Doin' It

By Lani Lynn Vale

  • Release Date: 2018-07-06
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 13 Ratings


Coke Solomon has lived a full life.

He’s a retired army drill sergeant, so he is more than used to getting his way.

And if he can’t have it his way? Well, let’s just say that’s never happened before…

At least not until Cora Maldonado walks into his life, demanding he fall in line, or she’ll find a way to make his life hell.

He finds out fast that Cora marches to the beat of her own drum, and a lot of times that drum takes her farther away rather than closer to where he feels she needs to be.

He can’t stand it.

He wants her, and he has to have her.

It doesn’t matter that she’s twenty years younger than him, and has a father that would rather see him dead than have his baby girl anywhere near him. Nor does it matter that his ex-wife is highly offended that she’s been replaced with a much younger woman.

Despite the odds stacking against them, he’ll fight for what he wants.

His ex-wife, her father, and their age difference be damned.


  • Coke

    By Vanilla34
    Lani has been a go to author for me since last year if she has a book I’m grabbing it as fast as I can. This Simple Man series is so much more than simple. Each book is unique to me and features heroines that have you wishing for their #bestfriendgoals!! Cora is a standout for me because you would think with some of the issues she has that she would just stay in the background but with her stubbornness along with her friends it’s not gonna happen. Coke is a man who has lived his life and has put up with way more than necessary but he got a great daughter out the deal. This book is filled with smoking chemistry, hilarious banter and a great group of characters to fall in love with. Definitely a must read so pick this up!!!!